Judging social media

Another month, another meeting of the Social Media Club in Sydney. Already some clear patterns are emerging. With 250 attendees there were easily 250 definitions of social media. That, of course, is the beauty of the medium with a diverse focus on objectives, methods and outcomes. And there’s one overwhelming cry in the echo chamber, to quote @eskimo_sparkycan we have some freaking examples/case studies please?

successWith a hestitation to divulge the stats around revenue and ROI, we’re often left to judge the success of a social media campaign based on our own external viewpoint.

Was it clever, was it popular, did we talk about it, did we laugh?

Considering the varying objectives, what insight do we actually have into the success of the campaign?

So you may not be ready to cough up the stats – how about just sharing what metrics your current campaign is being judged by?

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~ by mandi bateson on June 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Judging social media”

  1. My current project is being measured on two primary objectives, in this order:
    1. Sales
    2. Membership/subscription

    Secondary measures are:
    3. Traffic
    4. Mentions / inbound links

    • Thanks Gavin. Mine mirror your secondary objectives. There was a lot of talk at SMCSYD about how social media shouldn\’t be considered a campaign, it\’s a conversation. Is this just an excuse not to produce conversion stats?

      Personally I think we\’ve confused the hard line stance with clients who expect sales from a 3 week toe in the pond campaign on Facebook with the reality that a long term strategy and short term tactical campaigns can produce results.

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