Pounds and sense

I received a $20 gift card from Myer in the mail today as part of the Myer One rewards program. It was an interesting DM piece, the gift card attached to a simple letter with a summary of the shopping credits that converted to the gift card; a brochure with further in-store offers; and a teaser to encourage customers to log on to the website myerone.com.au. Like a good sucker consumer I logged on and was rather surprised by the summary screen.

MyerOne summary

So there’s a few questions missing in the FAQs – how did an Australian department store approve the roll out of an online rewards program that lists amounts in pounds instead of dollars? And exactly how long has it been live?? I can’t believe this wasn’t picked up in UAT or a beta release (if there was one).

I’ve had a bit of a rampage with picking on websites recently. Last weekend I tried the Masterfoods website and played with their meal creator. Basically you selected an ingredient from the cupboard, dragged it to the saucepan and once you had everything in it suggested a meal for you (obviously based on Masterfood recipe bases).


I dragged in chicken, I got beef casserole. I dragged in veggies, I got chilli con carne. The shopping list helper wasn’t any better. In the Weekly Inspirations I selected Lamb Casserole and Cauliflower & Cheese Bake and the planner told me to buy the Chilli Con Carne and Farmhouse Chicken recipe bases, despite Lamb Casserole and Cauliflower & Cheese Bake being actual products.

WeeklyPlanner-31WeeklyPlanner-31 - Copy

THEN the next day I got an eDM from travel.com.au offering flights on sale:


See anything missing? Perhaps the destinations? Sure $435 is a great price to some places but not if it’s to Brisbane! For the record, the cheapest flights in all of these offers were not for the airlines’ “hometown” and it took at least 4 clicks from the eDM and through the website to find a destination matching these fares.

Are we so quick to overcomplicate our campaigns that we miss the very, very basics?

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~ by mandi bateson on August 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Pounds and sense”

  1. so much potential business lost, how sad – and it seems like you are an engaged prospect. shame! but if they got their act together, would you re-engage with any of them?

    great post and examples – cheers,

    • I’m not a fan of just ranting and complaining about things in a public arena so I have already touched base with MasterFoods who thanked me for the feedback (and I believe I have a parcel of goods at the post office waiting for me to show their appreciation) and I think they may have rolled back their website to a simpler format for a day or so. It’s already back to the original format as outlined in this post though.
      Dropping a line to Myer One and travel.com.au as well to bring it to their attention.

      I was looking for slow cooker recipes when I stumbled across the MasterFoods site, definitely won’t be using it as a recipe resource any time soon. I’d only care about checking the Myer One site when they send me a gift card to check how far off I was from getting more money off them 🙂 and travel.com.au will not be getting my next holiday booking because there are plenty of other sites out there that are more user friendly.

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