Are you a marketing narcissist?

Paris Hilton who denied being narcissistic, proclaiming she had never had sex with a dead person in her life

Narcissist? But I've never had sex with a dead person

Last week there was plenty of noise around a certain study that proclaimed that Social Media is for Narcissists. Naturally everyone thought this was a direct attack on their personal habits and the response was an explosion of defensive blogs, tweets and comments.

Thankfully Christopher S. Penn has outlined How Batman will help you beat social media narcissm leaving me to tackle a slightly different issue – has your fascination for social media turned you into a marketing narcissist?

It’s an easy trap, the statistics show that 70 percent of Australian internet users visit social networks, just like you. But are you assuming that they are using these sites just like you?

Forrester’s Consumer Profile Tool tells us that less then 20% of Australian online consumers aged 35+ consider themselves to be creators. Even less are likely to use RSS feeds or sites like Digg or Technorati. The tool lets you create profiles by country, age group and gender although it’s clear that we all currently prefer social media to be more of a spectator sport with a contingent of armchair referrees thrown in for good measure. The graph below (click on the image to enlarge) represents the data for each age group (non gender specific) which is a great start in these days of early adoption.

AU B2C social technographics profile

I’d hate for this data to be a deterrant to those considering campaigns based on user generated content. It should begin to give you a realistic idea of what response to expect and hopefully spur consideration on how best to educate and motivate your target market to get involved with your brand. However I think it’s a fantastic wake up call to the fact that while the adoption of social media means it is more than just a fad, all creators are not yet equal.

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~ by mandi bateson on August 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Are you a marketing narcissist?”

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  2. The explosion of blogs about how we’re all not narcissists… kinda proves the point for the study. Thanks for taking a different tack 🙂

  3. Interesting stats earlier in the week showing that 80% of Tweeters are all about ‘me’, which shows that the narcissism isn’t all that surprising!

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