What someone else thinks about B2B relationships: I concur

You know how people write blog posts that are really just linking to what other people have written? I want in on that.

I just read Market Relationships, Social Relationships and B2B Marketing in Social Media by Steve Woods. Ok, it’s nothing new but it hit the mark for me.

Many of the known successes in social media are clear market relationships. The team at Dell, ComcastCares, Chris Brogan, and the Kado Barbeque Truck are all clearly engaging us in market relationships within social media. They may be engaging, personable, and friendly, but there’s no awkwardness when they try to educate or guide our buying behavior, as we know from the start that it is a market relationship, and an ultimate goal is business. If a social media strategy, however, relies on this boundary being crossed, it may face more of a challenge than you anticipate.

It’s a great reminder that while we’re trying to connect socially, businesses aren’t fooling anyone with the end game.

Earlier this year Steve organised a copy of his book “Digital Body Language” for me. It’s about replicating the sales skills of your best BDM in the online environment and I recommend it to all B2B digital marketers, especially if your sales team is struggling to come to terms with new media.

So … that’s me ripping off someone else’s stuff. Relatively easy! I might do this more often! I’m off to Feedly to “write” some more blog posts.


~ by mandi bateson on September 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “What someone else thinks about B2B relationships: I concur”

  1. Mandi,
    glad you enjoyed the post, and feel free to borrow at any time! Thanks for the kind words in your post – I’m glad the book made it down to you after all the early shipping trouble 🙂

  2. Riffing off an idea is not cheating in any way. It actually shows connection. It shows that you are across some research. And it shows that you are considering a broader context than your own perspective. There should be MORE of it!

  3. Mandi,
    Totally agree with Gavin, it’s the ideas that get talked about often and by many that can make change happen for the better. Check out this mini-case study of Mashable, one of the most popular blogs out there. Mashable’s business model is “riffing off an idea” and they add value by providing high level summaries designed to inform and educate us – leaving us the option to do further study by clicking through to the source material.

    I retweeted it today here – http://twitter.com/hollingsworth/statuses/4620461351


  4. Thanks Steve! 🙂

    Thanks Gavin and Tony, I think I’d prefer to add a little more value in future instead of just saying “yup I agree”. Love that article Tony, and the rest of the blog for that matter. Thanks for the link!

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