Hiring now

Social Media Comms Coordinator

Daemon Digital

Sydney, Australia

Fan of Facebook? Do your friends think you’re a Twit? Do you check your RSS feeds before you check your emails? In need of a job?

What we need:

Someone who is passionate about social media

Why? You’ll spend most of your day in, on, researching and/or teaching all things social media, whether it’s the technology, the etiquette, the principles or the trends.

An excellent communicator

Why? You’ll need to blog, comment, tweet and express yourself across a myriad of social networks to a range of audiences.

A dedicated employee with a great work ethic

Why? Social media is about trust so we want to be confident that we can trust you as a voice for us and our clients

What we’d like:

A statistician magician

Why? If you can make sense of numbers and reports we can fast track you into more strategic roles.

Someone familiar with basic HTML (at least!)

Why? Despite the ease of ‘what you see is what you get’ editors on most social networking platforms, a little HTML knowledge will go a long way.

A comedian

Why? We have to put up with bad jokes around the office so good jokes would be more than welcome.

Does this sound like you? Who cares, let us be the judge of that and send through your CV, covering letter and anything else you may think is relevant.


~ by mandi bateson on October 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “Hiring now”

  1. did you fill the job?

    • Still interviewing. Huge response from some very smart cookies. Plenty of Sydneysiders looking for something between digital producer and digital PR!

  2. not me then 😦

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