New Facebook Lexicon

I’ve done a fair bit of Facebook bashing as of late so to even out my FB karma, here’s something positive!

Facebook Lexicon is getting a makeover. The tool pulls data on keywords used in wall posts across Facebook and according to the preview it will soon feature:

  • data updated after 48 hours (instead of a couple of months)
  • Dashboard graphs by number of posters, percentage of all posters and number of posts
  • Demographics graphs by posters by gender, percentage of posters by gender, posters by age, percentage of posters by age, posters by country and percentage of posters by country
  • Associations – terms frequently mentioned alongside your chosen keyword by day or fortnight
  • Sentiment – percentage of posts that are positive vs negative
  • Pulse – other keywords that frequently occur in the profiles of users that have used your keyword (searched within interests, music, movies, TV shows, books)
  • Maps – where people are talking about the topic (appears to be restricted to US regions)

There’s currently no indication on when the new Facebook Lexicon will roll out (surprise, surprise – sorry, staying on a positive track!) however the data will allow us a little more insight into the content shared across Facebook walls.


~ by mandi bateson on November 23, 2009.

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