aussieBum stay classy

This week aussieBum’s Twitter feed (which is automatically updated from their Facebook feed) caught my attention with the following:

Having previously lived in the same building as an aussieBum model (and after months of willing it to do so, the elevator finally broke down when I was in his presence – although unfortunately neither of us were in it at the time) I have to admit I clicked on that link faster than a speeding bullet hoping to catch something a little bit inappropriate, completely ignoring the references to national pride.

No over exposure to be seen I’m afraid, just an apology for a package image that claimed “not made in China”. The reactions were varied in regards to the actual copy but the reaction to aussieBum’s swift and honest response was universal – thumbs up all round.

They even responded to some complaints on Twitter about their Facebook spamalot techniques:

So while it might not seem like the best week for those behind the aussieBum accounts, I say congratulations for dealing with the hiccups in such a straightforward and positive manner.


~ by mandi bateson on December 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “aussieBum stay classy”

  1. Nice. Love a good, honest voice. But if you want a really inappropriate image in the spirit of AussieBum click this:

  2. Apologies it took this long to comment on your post! We have certainly made mistakes, and will no doubt make more but we aren’t afraid of them. What’s the old adage about not learning anything if you don’t make mistakes….? We also REALLY appreciate it when bloggers like you notice the effort we make to “correct/apologize/improve”, and what’s more – blog about it! So, thank you. Change ’em daily!

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