This is why you need good content

2010 is the year of the infographic. From chickens to iPhone apps to the Denzel Washington Venn diagram, stats have never looked so sexy. At the moment I’d have to class the one below as my favourite.

This infographic illustrates the benefits of socialising your website and/or seeding good content into social networks. One stat that I’d like to add is that Facebook users share an average of 12 pieces of content per week, with the integration of Facebook Connect into websites across the globe assumed to be the reason behind the 500% increase over the last 6 months [source].

For those with flash websites, try to share your key pieces of content. This should become the number one priority of your web strategy.

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~ by mandi bateson on February 26, 2010.

9 Responses to “This is why you need good content”

  1. Thanks Mandi.
    Everyone loves a good infographic.
    The writing is certainly on the wall, and has been for some time, it just takes some companies a long time to start moving.

  2. Excellent post, very informative. No wonder Twitter is “stressed out” at the moment! Copy/paste from Twitter’s ‘Find People’ function: “Twitter is stressing out a bit right now, so this feature is temporarily disabled.” At 6,000 posts per minute, I’d be pretty stressed out too! Meanwhile, people are tweeting about THAT and generating even more stress. Poor old Twitter. Will it ever get a break? Lol

  3. Mandi, nice stats. I think this demonstrates even more so that conversation is now king – you need to create something people will talk about. Not just create stuff. This is an article I wrote about in my blog this week. I think he makes a very valid point. Enjoy!

  4. Hey Mandi – excellent post! Quality content is the most important especially since more companies are throwing up cruddy content and hoping that drives traffic to their site. Quality content is part of a sustaining long-term strategy. It’s at the heart of every program I pitch, optimise, and market. Glad to have more quality content written about quality content.

    Horrah! cheers,

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  6. […] – Invisible text: This is a very old method of boosting keyword density which SEO agencies still sometimes come across in clients’ sites. Hiding keywords by making them the same colour as your background is strictly off limits. Plus, if you have good content, you don’t need it. […]

  7. The secret is always in the giving, isn’t it? It took me some time to understand why. The day I started to devote to quality contente my online presence started to grow and grow. It requires more time and energy but it all comes back to you 🙂

    I forgot to say that we should also add: AND ALSO IN THE SOCIAL NETWORKING! We cannot grow alone we need help from the others like the help you are giving us by allowing us to publish our comments here. Thanks 🙂

  8. love your work miss b. excellent post as per usual. i’ve just started my own blog and when i went to link to yours, i realised that we are using the same template! great minds hey 🙂

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