Pitches of success

Our Creative Director at H&K, Mr Ben Shipley, runs a damn fine brainstorm. While my participation is often just thinly veiled attempts to find a legitimate excuse to meet Karl Stefanovic, the ideas and banter tossed around the room are inspired genius. Often not at all relevant/appropriate/meaningful to the campain brief at hand but inspired genius nonetheless.

I often see other campaigns launch and find myself thinking what I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall of that pitch. Of course I have to assume that they are usually delivered as whole concepts, none of this evolution of the idea business that usually goes on. Here are some of my favourite campaigns that give hope that one day my most insane ideas will be brought to life.

Bees vs Pies

This is my new favourite. I love the thought that someone watched back to back episodes of the Three Stooges and NatGeo documentaries on bugs and had a sudden flash of inspiration. The link to the product benefit just makes it all the more brilliant.

Gnomeo and Juliet

While not a marketing campaign, it gives me a chuckle to think of some guy standing in front of a panel of movie execs saying “OK so it’s Romeo and Juliet, but with GNOMES!”. I’d love to see this concept become a television series – a different literary/cinematic masterpiece reinterpreted each week with all roles acted out by gnomes. Even better if it’s not animated.

Dagens Industry Zebra – the greatest ad campaign ever

Poking fun at the SMEG marketing mantra that “you need to get your audience engaged” is only part of the deliciousness in this campaign. The fact that they’re using YouTube to deliver a campaign about the benefits of print advertising is the best part. Because despite the fact that their message was to think about which medium suits your actual objectives, they’ve just inspired another thousand briefs from clients which start with “we want a viral video”.

Sunny The Egg on Chatroulette

Put an oversized egg in front of a computer and take on Chatroulette – its simplicity is only rivalled by its brilliance. Considering the number of clean responses they got, filming must have taken 6-8 months.

A vodka movie by Zach, Tim and Ed

Zach Galifianakis, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim were commissioned by Absolut Vodka to make a film for their website. They were told they could do anything they wanted as long as they mentioned the product.

Considering how many brands are too scared to run a Facebook page, handing creative license to a group of comedians would be unimaginable to most. However I think pitching the idea of Zach, Tim and Eric making their own movie would have been easier than pitching a guy sipping Absolut on the rocks in a martini glass while hanging out with his mates in bathrobes throws a tantrum because the hot tub is too hot.


~ by mandi bateson on October 31, 2010.

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  1. sunny the egg….. genius!

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