Cheat sheet | What’s new in social media

It has been a big week in social media news! Have you been keeping up? Here’s what’s happened:

Facebook Messages

Manatee MailboxDubbed (by Facebook) “the social inbox”,Facebook Messages integrates e-mail, IM (instant messaging) and texting in a single inbox.

It mentions the ability to log every conversation  you’ve ever had which I thought had been one of the scarier sides of our online lives, but there you go. There’s an iPhone app called Momento that does that for you and I had a horrible fight with a friend not long after downloading it and realised just how much I don’t want every text/Facebook/email message recorded for posterity, or even for the week.

Hmmmm. Personally, I’m not convinced.

Meanwhile the feature is being rolled out gradually which means you may miss out on securing your ideal username, unlike the universal name grab that was scheduled for vanity URLs.

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Google Navigation

Ready to Fly? All you really need is just another shot... While clearly not as awesome as a TomTom navigational device (*cough*client*cough*), Google Maps Navigation users “would get free turn-by-turn navigation on their mobile phones, with up-to-date maps, satellite view, street view, and more.” Softpedia

Now if only taxi drivers would start using it.

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Google Hotpot

Soon Doo Boo - Han Guuk Guan KoreanThe goliath’s take on the geo-location trend is a mashup of business listings in Google Places, reviews (which listings previously aggregated from other services) and looks to include a buddy aspect so you add friends and share your thoughts. It’s pretty clunky but will no doubt boost the relevance of Google searches for local listings, perfect for that large audience driven by discovery.

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Twitter trending topics

Hashtag Art Twitter has finally given Australia (and Sydney) local trending topics. Much like Top Gear Australia, it’s a little bit embarassing. Rafters (nickname of the popular Packed to the Rafters) secured the top spot locally along with GNW and #GNW (Good News Week) suggesting that Media Watch, #qanda and in fact almost every TV show with an audience of over 500,000 viewers will probably dominate our trending topics in the weeks to come. Hooray?

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~ by mandi bateson on November 17, 2010.

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