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I am lucky to have some smart cookies read my blog. Possibly to feel superior but meh, I’ll take what I can get. Their comments and insights always get me thinking and I love their contributions. Some of them have their own blogs, some of them don’t, and some write about something rather specific and I get to learn so much more about them from their commenting.

I’d really like to hear more from the lot of you so my New Year’s Resolution is to start something simple called question of the month. It might be better to just kick things off rather than try to explain it further.

So my question to you this month is: why do you write? If you blog, do you pick topics and writing styles that will get the most page views/tweets/comments you can possibly get or do you write to have your say regardless of whether you grow an audience or not? Is this your favourite form of expression?


~ by mandi bateson on January 4, 2011.

11 Responses to “Question of the month”

  1. I started my blog to learn how to write, and learned from my readers as I went along. My book, “The Mandolin Case,” was published in 2010.

    I write physician bluegrass fiction to show the truth but I also do my best to tell no facts.

    One thing about a blog; if you stick with it you will find the cool people.

    Dr. B

  2. I blog for a number of reasons. It’s one of my primary marketing tactics for my PR business. It provides a platform on which I can articulate my passion for PR and other biz comms. I like sharing the knowledge that I have and having fun with it. I get to learn through the comments of those much wiser than I. And inadvertently, I have developed some rewarding relationships with people all over the world.

  3. You ask that question like I have a choice.

    If I don’t write, it eats me away inside until write again. It doesn’t matter if lots of people read it, if only my wife reads it, or if I immediately destroy it upon completion so that even I don’t read it.

    It’s probably why I do freelance writing as a side gig. It keeps me sane, I get to write about new and interesting things, and modest amounts of money appear in my bank account.

    It’s either write or go crazy, slowly and painfully. As it was, as it is, and always will be, I suspect.

  4. I write purely to learn. Just a way for me to put my thoughts together, organise them, neaten them, and work out where I sit on issues in the industry. I barely even look at my blog stats (though I do respond to comments)

  5. The main reason I started blogging was because I have always worked in SME’s and there is often very little, or limited, opportunities to do any real thinking about marketing and explore/share ideas. I found that as I started reading marketing blogs that I was having a whole lot of ideas/thoughts and I wanted an outlet to share them.
    Canberra isn’t exactly the centre of the universe for marketing so we don’t have as strong a culture of breakfasts, presentations , conferences etc
    I also wanted to understand blogging better, develop a personal brand and share what I hope are insights or thought provoking posts.
    The very unexpected, and probably the best bit so far, has been engaging with cool people and then meeting them offline. People like Nathan Bush, Zac Martin, Julian Cole, Jye Smith Scott Drummond, Peter “Wags” Wagstaff, Josh Straczynski, Kate Kendall, James Duthie, Lucio Ribeiro, Stephen Collins etc.
    Last year I actually lost some momentum with my writing but I am picking up again. It is now hard to get the comments happening again after I was so uncommitted last year.

  6. Been asking myself the same question recently.

    When I started writing a blog it was mainly about how digital stuff affected political stuff. Now, after a year of Wikileaks, and ‘Digital elections’ ad nauseum. When it was emerging, I was fascinated. Now The Digital Political has arrived; and that’s staled my interest.

    So what now?

    Do I put it on hold? Shift my theme? Start a new one?

    I’m writing as much, but mostly offline. When do you stop blinking away the truth and end your relationship with your blog?

  7. Thank you all for sharing!

    @Daniel – I find the same with Twitter. If I go quiet for a while then it takes a while to get any kind of momentum back. Sometimes that makes me question the sincerity of interactions.

    I love all of these reasons – learning, expression, networking, personal brand. I think Dave’s in a really interesting part of the cycle. What happens now? Personally I felt a lot of issue fatigue last year and on review I think that came through quite a bit in my blog.

  8. Hello beautiful — How I love your posts! This is a great idea – just solidifies my beliefs about you being a true leader – especially open to other people opinions and writing about thought provoking topics.

    I started my blog ( to share the wonderful people in my life with the world. I see negativity and bad behaviour getting so much attention and I want to do my bit to support and promote beautiful people that don’t rely on sarcasm, manipulation & sensationalist acts to get attention.

    I continued my blog to share some of my incredible experiences — that I find happiness in the simple & sweet (and sassy, too). I don’t know that I have anything super smart to share, but I do recognise the beauty & awesomeness in others and want to acknowledge there are amazing people out there that I love and respect (you being one of them).

    Take care, Mandi – and keep writing – I love and anticipate your insights.


  9. […] To kick of 2011 I started what I’m calling Question of the Month because each month I’m asking those who happen upon this blog a question. Pretty simple, hey? This month I’d like to investigate the reactions to social media stunts. In the days before Valentine’s Day a bank had us talking with what was assumed to be a mistweet: […]

  10. I blog because it helps solidify my ideas and urges me to research things further. I also like to put my ideas out there for others to read whilst building my marketing skills. Getting comments back from readers is always fun too 🙂

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