The power and appeal of masks

This week I’m off to Stream Asia, a WPP unconference that focuses on the future of technology, media and communication.

I’ve signed up to lead/co-host/present a few events including 2 discussions, an Ignite presentation and a workshop.

I thought I’d share my Ignite presentation with you now. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept it’s a 5 minute presentation with slides that automatically transition every 15 seconds. 5 minutes – 20 slides – every 15 seconds. I’ve included the notes so you have an idea of what I’ll be rattling on about as I go (but you’ll have to visit the Slideshare website to see them under the presentation).

I think it’s a really interesting concept. We use masks to hide, to identify, to unify and we struggle with the consequences of anonymity and inhibition.

My final questions to the audience and to you here are these:

So the digital world is your stage. How are you introducing yourself? How are you wearing your mask? What will it say about you?


~ by mandi bateson on March 8, 2011.

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