What’s new with Facebook

There have been a few changes to Facebook today. Here’s an overview:

Facebook has introduced a Subscribe button

You can now Subscribe to a user’s profile in Facebook without needing to send a friend request. This will only allow you to subscribe to public posts however yesterday Facebook announced improved friends lists as they encourage users to customise individual updates to different groups of people in your life, public no doubt being one of them.

Sponsored Stories will appear in a news feed ticker

As you browse through Facebook you may notice sponsored stories appearing in a news ticker on the right hand side of the page. This and the upcoming in stream advertising will no doubt increase Facebook’s estimated $1.6b ad revenue.

Vanity URLs are now easier to secure

You no longer need 25 fans to secure a vanity URL. Considering even some agencies need to beg and plead their friends to fan a page to get to the 25 mark this will make life a lot easier for most. I’m sure those wanting to squat on URLs of perceived value would have had 25 fake profiles set up to help them out in the first place anyway.

Know how your updates were shared

With an insight that will be making it’s way into social media page reports across the world, Facebook will now post details on how your updates were shared. Now maybe they could throw in some details of click through rates for links shared on Facebook. Please?




~ by mandi bateson on September 15, 2011.

One Response to “What’s new with Facebook”

  1. Awesome stuff- thanks for the summary. Sponsored stories are the way forward – we’ve found them to have the best engagement of any type of FB ad.

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