ROI and social media smackdown

There’s been a rather heated debated about ROI and social media from Olivier Blanchard,  David Meerman Scott and Matt Ridings.

I’ve used Storify for the highlights but here’s a few links that might get you inspired to jump into the debate.

The points of view:

Social Media ROI Hypocrisy 

Social Media and Return on Investment: Some clarity

There’s no ROI in Social Media Marketing

Twitter accounts:

Olivier Blanchard

David Meerman Scott

Matt Ridings

So are you Team Blanchard or Team Scott? Is there ROI in social media? How do you explain it to your c-level execs?

I’m Team Blanchard. It’s all down to the type of activity, how it matches your objectives and what you actually do to trigger sales. If people are wondering why their Facey page is yet to earn a sale the first place to check is where and when you’ve told people to go and buy your stuff and how they can do it.  In the crush to become oh-so-social and avoid the hard sell too many companies are avoiding the actual sell. Doesn’t mean it can’t be done.


~ by mandi bateson on December 8, 2011.

One Response to “ROI and social media smackdown”

  1. Yeah, the ‘there is no ROI’ line is a wicked cop-out… but I also think insisting on a ‘1 Tweet = $14.87′ formula is too tall an order for a social strategist. Get a data planner in the room too, then its a more reasonable ask – and you’ll get a tighter answer.

    Agreed that the happy medium is knowing the role the ol’ FB plays in selling – and having really thought about that upfront.

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