Facebook launches new products

This morning Facebook launched Timeline for Pages and a few new products. Here’s an overview.

 5 key takeaways

  • Brand timelines will have messages between fans and the Page (one way only, fan to Page)
  • Ads in news feed will be on mobile
  • You can buy a distribution option and reach more of your fans by being “sticky”
  • Community management, content seeding and ads will be more closely tied together
  • Tests on new premium ads are getting 5-10 x the CTR

Reach generator

A paid distribution option. Currently each update reaches approx. 16% of fans (completely contradicts current impression stats but let’s forget about that for now). If you use the Reach Generator product you’ll be reaching 50-70% of your fans. Case study given was Ben & Jerry’s – reaching 98% of fans, doubled engagement, increased sales x3.

Premium on Facebook

Ads were good. Stories are better.

Premium on Facebook evolves Facebook advertising. Everything starts with the Page. You post an update on the Page (text, link, photo, video, offers) and you can then seed this story out to your followers and a wider audience. The ads can then be displayed in 5 areas:

  • Page post
  • Right hand side
  • News feed
  • Mobile news feed
  • Logout screen

This will need to be the same creative (story) for all placements.

105m people log out of Facebook every day so they’re putting an ad module there.

 Facebook’s tips for best practice

Be clear in goals; committed to social long term; create engaging authentic content; enable sharing, drive distribution




~ by mandi bateson on March 1, 2012.

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