Twitter advertising for reputation management

Salesforce have officially announced the release of, a biddable media tool for Facebook and Twitter advertising. This should help navigate the existing minimum spends dictated by the likes of Twitter and give brands an opportunity to cost effectively experiment with Twitter’s promoted product suite.

An example of a key opportunity surfaced today with Hyundai requiring unexpected reputation management in light of the release of a UK ad which depicts a failed suicide attempt to promote the IX35. The US Twitter account was quick to post condemnation of the ad with a tweet linking to a succinct press release regarding the ad.

Given the volume of discussion on Twitter, securing sponsored tweets targeting those searching for Hyundai or, thanks to Twitter’s new targeting options, those tweeting about Hyundai, you could ensure that any official statement is targeted directly at the people currently discussing your brand.

Here’s hoping we can all avoid circumstances that would require reputation management. If you need to react quickly to a growing volume of negative sentiment on Twitter, tactical ads will surely be best practice for future crisis comms.


~ by mandi bateson on April 26, 2013.

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